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Explorers have been telling tales of their travels since the dawn of conversation. With travel and communication being more accessible, isn't it our duty to share our collective experiences abroad? That's why, simply put, we'd like to collaborate with curious wanderers like you. Share your travel story.

Two Ways to contribute

We want stories that paint lush landscapes in the minds of our peers. We want stories that anchor people to the edges of their seats. We want stories about adventures that aim to inspire, inform and change lives. And we want them to be fun! Are you up for it? If so, here's how you can participate.

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Click below to send an email pitching your travel story to be used on Take Off, Set Sail. Help us understand what makes this experience worth writing about. Please keep your pitch brief and include hi-res photos, if possible. Kindly add ‘PITCH’ to your subject line to help us locate your pitch more easily. You will receive credit for your work.

Keep it simple

Not all of us are bonafide writers, and that's okay. That doesn't, however, mean we can't all still be storytellers. Fill out the form below to help us get a clear sense for your most recent adventure. We can work with you to make sure your answers are included somewhere on Take Off, Set Sail either as full-blown articles, short stories for All Aboard emails, social content and more. The sky's the limit! We're here to help you tell your story.

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You will receive full credit for story submissions, but by submitting your content to Take Off, Set Sail, you acknowledge that your story now belongs to Take Off, Set Sail. Stories may be edited for grammar and voice, but will not take away from the overall message your story conveys.