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Digital Intern

Digital Interns at Take Off, Set Sail are responsible for one thing and one thing only -- make Take Off, Set Sail look bad ass on the Internet. Through research and planning, you'll help us create and schedule fun social content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in an effort to drive engagement among our audiences as well as clicks to our site.

The ideal candidate is organized, can write to the tone of Take Off, Set Sail's voice and is able to capitalize on opportunistic travel trends. You understand the basics of social and digital, but you're also eager to dig deep, get your hands dirty and learn more about social media marketing. You also aren't shy about pitching and publishing short 100-200 word articles to the site. Photoshop skills are a plus. This is a remote position because, after all, this is a travel site, right?

Currently, this is an unpaid position due to the growing nature of the site.


  • Work remotely from destinations abroad...or from your couch
  • Hone your abilities to create engaging social media content
  • Work with an editor to better understand digital content creation
  • Become part of a growing digital travel publication with untapped potential
  • Join the Ex-Pats, or the Explorer Patrol, and be featured in our masthead
  • High-performing work will be rewarded

To apply, Please complete the form below. Tell us:

• Why you're interested in this position
• What you think you'd bring to the table from a professional standpoint
• What you think you'd bring to the table from a personal standpoint
• Where your next adventure is bound to take you
• Any additional contact information (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

No resume necessary. This ain't a Fortune 500 operation. If we dig you, we'll ask.

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