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Content Curator

Content Curator are digital writing interns at Take Off, Set Sail that help find, create and publish travel-related news, exotic recipes, cool gear, mind-blowing videos and more on our site. You're on top of travel trends. You're a more-than-solid writer. You have a good eye for great photography and video content. And, most importantly, you understand how crucial attribution is to journalism.

The ideal candidate is organized, can write to the tone of Take Off, Set Sail's voice and is excited to learn and grow as a travel writer. Deliverables will include pitching article ideas that ultimately result in contributing a 100-200 word article once every 1-2 weeks.


  • Work remotely from destinations abroad...or from your couch
  • Hone your writing skills while covering fun and interesting topics
  • Work with an editor to better understand digital content creation
  • Learn the value of SEO and how to apply it to your articles
  • Become part of a growing digital travel publication with untapped potential
  • Join the Ex-Pats, or the Explorer Patrol, and be featured in our masthead
  • Take pride in your byline by taking pride in your work
  • High-performing work will be rewarded

To apply, Please complete the form below. Tell us:

  • Why you're interested in this position
  • What you think you'd bring to the table from a professional standpoint
  • What you think you'd bring to the table from a personal standpoint
  • Where we can find writing samples of your work
  • Where your next adventure is bound to take you
  • Any additional contact information (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

No resume necessary. This ain't a Fortune 500 operation. If we dig you, we'll ask.

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