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Content Curator

Content Curators at Take Off, Set Sail help find and publish travel-related news, exotic recipes, cool gear, mindblowing videos and more on our site. You're on top of travel trends. You're a more-than-solid writer. You have a good eye for great photography and video content. And, most importantly, you understand how crucial attribution is to journalism. Truthfully, your work is the glue that holds Take Off, Set Sail together in between our original features content.

The ideal candidate is organized, can write to the tone of Take Off, Set Sail's voice and is able to capitalize on opportunistic trends. Currently, we're seeking one Content Curator to write a 90-150 word article once every 1-2 weeks per vertical -- Story, Eats, Gear and Time Travel -- but if you think you're the "do-it-all" type who hates being put into a box, we understand.

To start, this will be an unpaid position.
This is a remote position because, after all, this is a travel site, right?


To apply, Please complete the form below. Tell us:

• Why you're interested in this position
• What you think you'd bring to the table from a professional standpoint
• What you think you'd bring to the table from a personal standpoint
• Where we can find writing samples of your work
• Where your next adventure is bound to take you
• Any additional contact information (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

No resume necessary. This ain't a Fortune 500 operation. If we dig you, we'll ask.

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