What to Do When You Can't Sleep Inn: The 25 Best American Hotels for Sleep [INFOGRAPHICS]

By Anthony Galasso

 IMAGE: DieterRobbins via  Pixabay

IMAGE: DieterRobbins via Pixabay

For many American travelers, it's not immediately apparent what to do when you can't sleep in hotels. For us, the answer is pretty simple — try to stay in better hotels, one's that have proven to be ideal for sleep.

We know, we know...that sounds like a pretty bold solution when so many factors — like price and location — go into staying at your hotel of choice. But, given the opportunity, getting a full night's sleep is sure to enhance your travels, giving you more stamina to explore.

The folks at Mattress Advisor compiled a hotel sleep study surveying over 1,000 Americans in an attempt to find out what factors caused their hotel sleep disturbances, what they looked for in hotels beforehand, and ultimately, the 25 best hotels for sleep in the country.

Top Hotel Disturbances

It's frustrating to arrive in a new city excited to explore only to find that the hotel you've chosen is a nightmare. You can sense it as soon as you open the door. The sheets may have a distinct mustiness to it, or there's too much noise from the street, or  — gasp! — the mattress is basically a cot with a quilt, prompting the question, "how is anybody supposed to sleep on this thing?"

According to Mattress Advisor

Noises from the street bothered 52.5 percent of survey respondents. This isn’t a surprise, as when you sleep at home, you’re already accustomed to most noises – outside and in. An awful mattress also scored high on our hotel sleep problems list – 48.3 of survey folks reported this had been a problem for them. Your home bedroom has a mattress you’re accustomed to, and hotel mattresses aren’t always supportive, or soft/firm enough to everyone’s liking.

Pre-Booking Red Flags

So how can you avoid poor sleep at a nightmare hotel on your next cross-country adventure? It's simple! Do your research.

Of course, many of us simply look for the best deals, but we've all been duped by a great price before. In a world where reviews can make or break a business, especially hotels, it's worth it to dive into hotel reviews in order to make a well-informed decision.

Obviously, you'll want to keep an eye out for reviews that mention cleanliness and customer service, but for the sake of your sleep, keep an eye out for reviews that mention quality of sleep. According to Mattress Advisor's study, a mere 2.2% of people look for sleep quality while referencing hotel reviews.

Remember, a little pre-emptive research could fuel your travels to new heights thanks to a full night's sleep.

The 25 Best American Hotels for Sleep

Thankfully, our quality of sleep is top of mind for many hotels, which is great for us travelers who need all the sleep we can get for the next day's adventures. These days, according to USA Today, research is being done to choose the best possible mattresses. 

“Mattresses and beds have evolved a lot over the years as well as guests’ desires and needs,” Cambria® Hotels' Vice President of Brand Operations Michael Lusick says for USA Today.

As far as America's best hotels for sleep? Many might be surprised to find that the top hotel for sleep resides in Louisville, Kentucky with West Baden Springs, Indiana and Charleston, South Carolina following closely behind.

Check out the infographic below for the full list of America's 25 best hotels for sleep, according to Mattress Advisor's study.

Which are you most likely to catch a few Z's in the next time you're on the road?