The Best Travel Bags and Accessories for Different Types of Travellers

By Abbi Browning

 IMAGE:  rawpixel  via  Unsplash

IMAGE: rawpixel via Unsplash

Packing is one of the most important things you do to prepare for your travels, so it’s vital that you have the right luggage option to hold your essentials. There are limitless variations of bag sizes and materials, so this article aims to show the best types for your personal travel needs with affordable options.

For the Business Traveller

If you happen to travel with more valuable items, such as a camera or laptop, the Anti-theft USB bag could be the best for you. The rucksack has many hidden zips and pockets, making it much harder for someone to grab your items unnoticed, but also acts as a portable charger on your journey, so you can continue working on the move and not worry about your battery.

Laptop sleeves would be another great idea to provide your tech with extra protection. You could either buy these from your local tech store, or even a custom one from Etsy, if you prefer items with a unique touch.

For the Heavy Packer

If you happen to take your entire wardrobe abroad with you, vacuum compression bags can save you a lot of space when trying to fit everything in one luggage bag. You can get them in many sizes to fit anything you need, but they’re also reusable and protect your items from any spills or bugs.

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Packing cubes are another great way to easy maximize space, as well as making your luggage far more organised. With nylon cubes, moisture is pushed to surface and evaporated easier, also, making them perfect for storing wet clothes and stopping bad odours. These are less likely to wrinkle your clothes than vacuum compress bags too, which may be handy if you won’t have much access to an iron.

Wheeled luggage bags would be easiest to hold extra items when carrying more weight. They can also help take the strain off your arms and back.

For the Adventurer

If your journeys involve more extreme conditions, then you may find a waterproof bag extremely handy. These will ensure the rest of your items stay fresh and dry, even if you don’t. You can even get waterproof map pouches, if orienteering is your thing. You can find many stores that sell these – Go Outdoors is my default shop for waterproof items and camping gear, of which they have a wide range for.

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Another worthwhile addition that you may want (if going on a more dangerous trek) is a GPS Tracker. This way, you can ensure someone will know your exact location if you’re worried about the risks along your route. Simply keep it in your bag so someone can see your location from their phone – just tell a friend or hotel owner the time you’re expected back, so that you can be found if something doesn’t go to plan.

For the Spontaneous or Young Traveller

If you simply wish to take a few essentials and go, then a lighter bag, such as a backpack or duffel bag, would be perfect to store your items. These are also far easier to carry and store on transport, which would be easier and convenient for you to take.

They’re also great for students on a gap year, who may need a more affordable option, or simply require unpacking lots at different destinations.­­

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