The Best Places To Do “Tea Time” When Visiting London

By Gianna Barone

 IMAGE:  rawpixel  via  Unsplash

IMAGE: rawpixel via Unsplash

There’s no question that this summer brought about a TON of Royal Wedding fever! And with that, there’s always a sudden fascination with our British neighbors across the pond. One of the biggest cultural differences between us and the big “GB?” Tea time! And if you do find yourself closer to Buckingham Palace anytime soon, here are some of the best places in the land to grab a spot of tea.

Ritz, Palm Court

 IMAGE: @TheRitzLondon via Instagram

IMAGE: @TheRitzLondon via Instagram

For a traditional sip, the Ritz London’s Palm Court is the perfect backdrop for Afternoon Tea! Complete with gorgeous indoor greenery and the finest of finger foods, sipping some tea at the Ritz has become a staple for London-bound travelers.

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Fortnum and Mason

 IMAGE:  @Fortnums  via Instagram

IMAGE: @Fortnums via Instagram

Aside from their reign as one of Britain’s biggest tea brands, the luxurious Fortnum and Mason are known for hosting quite the tea party. With blends from all over the globe, F&M have been serving tea to the people of London for hundreds of years now. They’ve even made a special tea blend for King Edward VII back in the early 1900s!

Rosewood Mirror Room

 IMAGE:  @RosewoodLondon  via Instagram

IMAGE: @RosewoodLondon via Instagram

Food imitates art at this upscale eatery located in the Holborn section of London. When stopping for tea at the Rosewood, the true star of the show is Chef Mark Perkins’ gorgeous creations. With bite-sized desserts inspired by the designs of iconic artists (think: Banksy, Rothko, etc.), the Mirror Room is anything but a blank canvas.


 IMAGE:  @RoxyJacenko  via Instagram

IMAGE: @RoxyJacenko via Instagram

One word to describe Pret-a-Portea? Fashionable. This Knightsbridge tea spot is known for updating its menu of small treats every few months to keep up with the London fashion scene. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to book a reservation while you’re in town, check out the adorable spread they created for the Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration!


 IMAGE:  @SketchLondon  via Instagram

IMAGE: @SketchLondon via Instagram

Dubbed as “the most beautiful restaurant in London”, Sketch combines the whimsical nature of Disney World with the serious culinary skills of a top-notch eatery. Artwork by local artist David Shrigley fills the walls of The Gallery, creating the perfect backdrop for a cup of smooth oolong.

Oblix West, The Shard

 IMAGE:  @alisa_qian  via Instagram

IMAGE: @alisa_qian via Instagram

At The Shard, it’s all about the local stuff. Serving a diverse array of pastries featuring everything from London-grown chai spices and honey from nearby beekeepers, this high-rise restaurant is a tourist’s dream. Plus, have you seen this view? There’s truly none better in London.

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