We Like to Get Lost: Sri Lanka Explained in Color [GALLERY]

By Michele Lacorte

 IMAGE: Michele LaCorte via  We Like to Get Lost

IMAGE: Michele LaCorte via We Like to Get Lost

After a whole month backpacking through Sri Lanka by bus, train, or tuktuk, it was clear that God must have used this island as a color board for the bigger masterpiece at hand.

There were white, brown and grey monkeys, green lizards, black snakes, birds of every kind and every shade, curry sauces, and good hearts. Their money could be spent in every color of the rainbow. Their busses were blue while their trains were a vibrant red, packed to the brim every weekend.

Yellow coconuts and golden sunsets spanned the land. And the temples in Anuradhapura — the capital city of North Central Province — while white on the outside, were filled with millions of colors thanks to the artwork within them.

In Sygiria, an ancient rock fortress located in the northern Matale District near the town of Dambulla, statues of monks in orange robes can be seen...some with blue skin.

Even their fish markets were teaming with color!

There's no other way to describe the colorful blast of Sri Lanka if not by pictures. No doubt, this land deserves a visit!

This article — and its imagery — was originally posted by Michele LaCorte for We Like to Get Lost and was reposted with permission. Follow We Like to Get Lost on Instagram!