How to Beat Post-Travel Depression: 5 Pieces of Advice from a Digital Nomad

By Chelsea Blackwell

 IMAGE: Bady QB via  Unsplash

IMAGE: Bady QB via Unsplash

There is nothing worse than the hard-hitting sadness reality brings after returning from a life-changing experience abroad. The weirdest part? Coming home, feeling as though you’ve changed, and everything is exactly the same.

These are some methods on how to beat post-travel depression. They got me through the first two months after returning home from an extended excursion in Bali. I hope that they help you too.

1. Let Your Feelings Fuel Your Future

The reason we feel depressed after we travel is because of the intense and character-shaping experience that we had during our time away that are no longer there. Take these feelings and allow them to help you fuel your future plans and create the life that you truly desire.

Sad feelings can be really powerful if you know how to channel them correctly. Ever gone through a gnarly breakup and channelled all of the energy into creating success in another area of your life? It’s exactly like that.

2. Reflect, Reflect, Reflect!

One of my favorite parts about traveling, especially when traveling solo, is the amount of cool people I get to meet. I always return home with a more defined idea about how I want my life to look because of the diverse group of people I've met living unique lives and working unique careers.

This is the best time to think about what you really want because your life is currently under your own personal microscope. Look back, reflect and set goals, whether they be career-related or travel-related.

3. Apply What You Learned

Following my trip and personal reflection, I learned a lot about myself and what I value: happiness, friendship, and living a more minimal life. I’m trying my best to live my life looking through this new lens, and I feel much happier and whole.

4. Plan Your Next Move

Travel is really good at helping you realize exactly what it is you want in life, and the motivation you have immediately after returning home is the best way to realize it. You will be at your most motivated and productive after returning from a life-altering trip, so take advantage and strike while the irons hot!

5. Remind Yourself of the Adventure

This could be anything from planting memory-inducing photos and souvenirs around your apartment to continuing the adventure journal you were keeping as part of your daily routine.

For me, this looks like having a ton of greenery and plants in my apartment to remind me of Bali. And when I got back from my Europe trip, I had one of my favorite photographs enlarged onto a canvas to hang up — and I constantly get questions from my friends about where I got it!

If you’re feeling the post-vacation blues right now, I know exactly how you feel. It’s really easy to feel alone. Some feel the need to wait until it passes. What I suggest most to beat your post-travel depression is to manifest the sadness into creating a plan of action. My trip made me realize that I don’t feel like how I fit right now in western society. It made my hunger to be away far greater. It made my research on digital nomadism turn into a motivated chase for the lifestyle.

I am honestly so grateful for every one of those feelings. They're helping me to realize and create the life I truly want.


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