Enjoying the Scenic Route with ‘The Scenic States’

By Anthony Galasso

The scenic route always brings about a sense of wonder. The Scenic States are attempting to replicate that feeling through gear that inspires an authentic connection with nature.

They’re fun. They’re outdoors-y. They think like you and me.

That said, before we move forward, here’s a bit of a disclaimer: I’m a total sucker for fun, indie lifestyle brands that marry style with nature. I’m in no way receiving compensation from The Scenic States for producing this article. I discovered these guys on Instagram and have been obsessed ever since.

That said, cue The Scenic States.

Described as “a team of creators, designers, and adventurers driven by exploration, discovery and conservation,” The Scenic States is more of a movement than an outdoors-y, run-of-the-mill lifestyle brand.

From their site:

Scenic extends beyond what we can see. Scenic is a way of life. Scenic is a movement. Scenic is a journey through life alongside nature. We are constantly surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty and all we need is to open our eyes. Get up, get together, get outside and join us on the scenic path.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of The Scenic States is their commitment to tailor their gear to, well, states. In addition to buying a fun travel tee that reads “Explore,” you can also pick up shirts or stickers that represent your home state.

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A personal favorite product of mine from The Scenic States is their collectable state adventure stickers, which you can purchase to commemorate a scenic road trip or adventure you’ve been on.

Another aspect of The Scenic States that makes them more than just a regular ol’ lifestyle brand: they give back. A portion of every sale from their site goes toward the conservation of state parks, which is their “way of giving back to nature what nature has given us.”

Check out The Scenic States, snag a t-shirt or five, and help them help you continue to enjoy the scenic route.

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