Coffee Love: Cause Roast Aims to Save the World

By Anthony Galasso



Perhaps for the first time, the world’s coffee love craze is generating some good for those who provide it.

For Cause Roast – headed by Greg Pittman and Juan Alcala – the mission is simple. They provide quality coffee and, in turn, donate 15% of every purchase to help bring clean water to the world, starting with those in coffee-growing regions like Colombia and Guatemala.


Water and coffee share a special relationship. Water is essential for all growth in the world. It is also essential for brewing good coffee. Sadly, 663 million people don’t have access to clean water. We are committing to help bring an end to the water crisis—starting with those in coffee growing regions. We’re on a mission to change everything. And we believe, now more than ever, that changing everything starts with clean water.

That said, this entire operation starts and ends with coffee-farming communities abroad. Their hard work picking and providing quality coffee beans pays dividends in the form of clean water, allowing them and their families to be energetic, healthy and productive members of society. According to Cause Roast, access to clean water can even help certain members of these communities escape the cycle of poverty.

In fact, in addition to little access to water, coffee farmers are notoriously underpaid, a topic Gustave Axelson noted on his trip to Colombia for The New York Times.

“In the 1990s, a collapse in commodity coffee prices hit Colombia hard. Half of its coffee market value vanished, and thousands of families in coffee-growing regions were pushed into poverty.”

It was this collapse that eventually led many of these coffee-farming communities to adopt side gigs in the agritourism industry, opening and operating coffee farm hotels.

According to The Perfect Daily Grind, “coffee farm hotels have become increasingly popular in the last decade, especially in Latin America. Guests range from baristas to roasters eager to learn more about coffee.”

The hope is that by allowing tourists to see how hard the work is, they’ll be more willing to pay higher prices for specialty coffee and, in turn, the agritourism business will flourish thanks to a thriving community surrounded by lush, beautiful Latin American landscapes.

However, without access to clean water – a basic human need – a coffee farm hotel in some communities is but a mere pipedream.

"As travelers and wanderers," says Pittman, "each destination or country presents a whole array of unique experiences and cultures. However, one thing that always remains consistent is the value of and need for clean water.

Per Pittman, one thing Cause Roast is especially excited about is a new initiative that gives one person clean water for a lifetime for every annual Cause Roast subscription, making a world of impact for citizens abroad.

“With every bag of coffee you order from Cause Roast, you are supporting a network of people who are taking responsibility for the world we live in, one cup at a time,” Pittman writes.

Check out Cause Roast today. Subscribe to have a package of their quality coffees – roasted by an all-star cast of roasters across America who Pittman and Alcala have dubbed their “bean brothers” – delivered to your door every 2-4 weeks and help save the world.

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