Above the Clouds: An Epic Time in Iceland and The Faroe Islands [4K Video]

By Anthony Galasso

 IMAGE: Doug Urquhart via  Vimeo

IMAGE: Doug Urquhart via Vimeo

What began as a cycling trek to support climate change turned into a stunning time in Iceland and The Faroe Islands, 693km south of Iceland.

“In August 2017, I packed up my backpacking gear in pursuit of exploration and solitude away from my daily urban environment in Atlanta,” cinematographer Doug Urquhart explains. “My wife, Karen, was already headed to Iceland to mountain bike across the Highlands in support of Climate Change awareness and non-profit fundraising. After her cycling adventure was complete, we decided to visit the Faroe Islands together in celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary.”

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While Karen pushed forward with her cycling group, Doug’s best friend, Weston Aldridge, decided to join the adventure.

Throughout their time in Iceland and The Faroe Islands, the trio hiked over 70 miles and gained over 24,000 feet of elevation while spanning literal peaks and valleys – perfect terrain for Doug to capture lush, beautiful landscapes while piloting a drone.

“With no real end filmmaking goal in mind,” says Doug, who was was technically on vacation, “I pulled my Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter out of my backpack and flew among the birds and fog to document the beautiful and remote locations we passed through.”

Check out Doug Urquhart’s video North Atlantic Drift: Iceland + Faroe Islands, which features music from Foroese singer and songwriter Eivør Pálsdóttir.

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