Quirky Travel Gifts for Your Fellow Adventurers

By Abbi Browning

 IMAGE:   ian dooley  via  Unsplash

IMAGE:  ian dooley via Unsplash

Ever wanted to buy your travel partner a quirky travel-inspired gift that could come along with you? Here is a list of the best travel gifts available to make a great addition to their collection.

For the Passionate Instagrammer

Foldable Studio Light

A foldable studio light is a great way to provide strong lighting and backdrops for all your photos, with the convenience of folding down to be no bigger than a book. These fit alongside all your other items, without the hassle of dragging professional equipment with you on holiday.

iPhone Lens Clip

These can transform your smartphone’s camera completely, creating fisheye, macro and wide-angled effects. You can find many variations of these online, but Freedom Travel Gear offers a 3-in-1 kit, which makes it much easier to take abroad. They’re convenient and small to carry with you, whilst also providing a different element to your average holiday photos.

A Crystal Ball Lens

I think this is my favorite of the three in this section. This little sphere can be simply placed in front of your camera to shoot photos through, giving unique effects to make images truly one-of-a-kind. Due to photos being taken through the sphere, every image taken will always be different too, making them far more interesting than just applying a simple filter.

Freedom Travel Gear has many other interesting items such as these, so it’d definitely be worth having a look through their store.

For a Personal Touch

Custom Items

You can find many shops on Etsy, which offer different customized items, such as a passport holder, luggage tag or wash bag. These are more of a subtle way to give a cute, personal touch to all your travel partner’s travel necessities. You could use a favorite photo from your travels, or something special to them, such as their favorite pattern or a nickname. This way, they can take it wherever they go, as a reminder of your good memories and future ones to follow.

If one of the suggested items doesn’t suit your fancy, you can find nearly anything available for customization on Etsy, so have an explore.

A Scratch Map
($24.90 -or- £39.95)

A scratch map is an item that looks really quirky and inspiring to have on your wall – I actually have two of my own. They’re an interesting way to show everywhere you’ve been, as well as everywhere you need to go. One of these could maybe even reignite a love for globe-trotting, and help plan out your next expeditions together.

On their site (Scratch Map by Luckies) you can find many different variations of maps, such as their rose gold edition, allowing you to find the perfect one for your travel partner.

Custom Coordinates Bracelets

This is another item that could be a really sweet gesture for someone special to you. Wanderer Bracelets customize items to show a coordinate from a special place that hold you close. This could be your first holiday with a significant other, to show just how much it meant to you. You could even get two as a matching set.

They have a wide range of bracelets available on their site, so they are bound to have a few that’ll feel fitting for your travel partner.

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For Practicality

Anti-Theft USB Bag

If your travel partner is particularly susceptible to low phone or camera battery life or even unfortunate pickpocketing incidents when abroad, this bag might be for them. The Anti-Theft USB Bag is a rucksack with hidden zips and pockets to protect your more valuable items, but also acts as a portable charger on your journey, which is ideal for those who forget to charge their phone or camera at the hotel. This bag is great for those of us who are less reliable with our belongings and could do with a bit of extra security.

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($32- $433)

Although one of the more expensive items on this list, a smartwatch could be a brilliant gesture to someone who means a lot to you. You can use it for almost anything your holiday requires, such as keeping track of your fitness (if partaking in a particularly challenging hike), updated flight info, itineraries, or looking up weather and road updates. Having this all kept on your wrist can keep journeys far easier too, when you don’t need to stop every few minutes to pull out your smartphone, which helps reduce the risk of theft.

There are many different smartwatches that could be appropriate, but the more well known ones are the OS by Google, or the Apple Smartwatch.

For a fashion statement

A Necklace

If you prefer a more traditional item, as opposed to a new technology addition, a necklace could be a cute reminder of your feelings. Charms such as a little map, or a necklace representing somewhere you’ve travelled, can be a perfect gift to reflect both of your passions for travel. Or, if you’re feeling creative enough, you could even try making your own out of travel souvenirs.

Take Off, Set Sail Shirts

On our site, you can find many shirts that are filled with quirkiness and personality, driven by travel enthusiasm. These would be perfect as another fun item to add your wardrobe – especially in time for your latest summer voyage. My personal favorite is the I’m Just Here for the Siestas shirt, yet there is one to match most personalities.


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