7 Travel Bloggers To Follow on Instagram ASAP

By Gianna Barone

 IMAGE: @muradosmann via  Instagram

IMAGE: @muradosmann via Instagram

As explorers, we live to experience new things. And in a perfect world, traveling would be as easy as picking a destination, booking a flight, and heading off to your next adventure! But while the realities of work, money, and planning remain important factors in achieving your explorer goals, we often rely on the posts of those in the international blogging community to fulfill our #TravelFOMO.

Here are 7 bloggers that every curious wanderer should check out when you find yourself getting bit by the travel bug:

If you like all things pink and fashionable:

Angela Giakis // @thesundaychapter

 IMAGE: @thesundaychapter via  Instagram

IMAGE: @thesundaychapter via Instagram

Australian blogger Giakis rose to prominence a few months back with her eye-catching and interactive Instagram templates. Since then, over 450,000 followers have joined her journey to destinations like Bali, Prague, and Santorini! Plus, she’s all about lending tips to her followers when it comes to how she edits photos, finds bargains on clothes, and creates a cohesive aesthetic on her feed!

If you like extreme sports and wild animals:

Sam Potter // @captainpotter

 IMAGE: @captainpotter via  Instagram

IMAGE: @captainpotter via Instagram

Potter takes the term “explorer” to another level when he travels to places like Zimbabwe and Indonesia to experience wildlife up-close-and-personal. You can also find him doing his everyday activities, such as hanging off of cliffs, snowboarding and swimming with all kinds of creatures. Basically, you need to make sure this adrenaline junkie is on your ‘gram.

If you like National Geographic and sick landscapes:

Quin Schrock // @everchanginghorizon

 IMAGE: @everchanginghorizon via  Instagram

IMAGE: @everchanginghorizon via Instagram

Schrock is a professional photographer who has captured some of the greatest landscape shots that will ever bless your feed. Whether its his breathtaking series on the Northern Lights or a stunning collection of images from his travels within the U.S., Schrock brings the beauty of the world right to the palm of your hand. And with partners like Apple and Go-Pro, you know he’s one to watch for.

If you’re a foodie:

Melissa Hie // @girleatworld

 IMAGE: @girleatworld via  Instagram

IMAGE: @girleatworld via Instagram

Is your thirst for adventure accompanied by an insatiable craving for international cuisines? Meet Melissa Hie. Hie documents her travels across the world with bright photos that will all but pop off of your phone screen! She searches far and wide for local street treats to share with her followers, celebrating the beauty of each destination and the delicious food that comes with it.


If you love road trips and furry friends:

Mez, Sean, Bandit, Etta and Ziggy // @ettas_travels

 IMAGE: @ettas_travels via Instagram

IMAGE: @ettas_travels via Instagram

Van enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Australian couple Sean and Mez have turned their travels into a social media phenomenon by snapping totally awe-worthy photos of their pup, Bandit, on the grandest road trip we’ve ever seen. The trio have two vehicles that take them on their journey: a sunshine-yellow 1975 Kombi named Etta and a baby blue 1972 bug named Ziggy! Their posts will certainly leave you with a smile on your face, as well as some serious road trip FOMO.

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If you’ve got a bae:

Murad Osmann // @muradosmann

 IMAGE: @muradosmann via  Instagram

IMAGE: @muradosmann via Instagram

Russian photographer Osmann has taken the viral world by storm with his “#followmeto” photos depicting his wife, Nataly, guiding him by the hand to some of the most stunning depictions of the world that the Internet has even known. With almost 5 million followers keeping tabs on the worldly couple, Osmann has dedicated his feed to honoring the love that he has found with his wife. Talk about couple goals!

If you just want to be on a beach right now:

Ramona Nastase // @frazzledpassport

 IMAGE: @frazzledpassport via  Instagram

IMAGE: @frazzledpassport via Instagram

Beach queen Nastase sure knows her islands! Nastase’s feed features relaxing images of sand and sea, as well as some epic waterfall scenes. The Abu Dhabi-based traveller has taken her followers along for the journey as she’s visited various destinations over the past few months, such as Rome and the Philippines! She also recently wrapped up a scenic trip to the States that you have to check out.


So, for those times when you’ve got no time to take that scenic hike you were planning or book that weekend getaway to your favorite spot in the mountains, these bloggers will certainly have your travel cravings covered. Their incredible photos and tales of exploration will be a great addition to your feed and might even spark a new journey that you’ve never considered before!

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