How to Deal with Anxiety by Starting a Travel Blog

By Abbi Browning

 IMAGE:  Nuno Alberto  via  Unsplash

IMAGE: Nuno Alberto via Unsplash

Writing for yourself can be beneficial to reduce anxiety in many aspects.

While starting a travel blog hasn’t helped me to conquer the travel world just yet, it is teaching me how to deal with anxiety. This post is aiming to focus on the internal benefits of having a free place to express and share your experiences with a loving community that can support you and help you grow as a person.

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Below are some of the ways in which travel writing can help you overcome your anxiety.

An Escape from Overwhelming Environments

When travelling abroad, writing can allow an escape from such overwhelming new environments, providing you with a source of familiarity.

Having somewhere you can freely express your emotions will help calm you, through having a familiar screen or notebook travelling alongside you. At any point if you panicked, you could take some time to yourself, enjoy the silence, reflect on your past week and broadcast to your audience.

 IMAGE:  Toa Heftiba  via  Unsplash

IMAGE: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

A Place to Share Memories

A travel blog allows a scapegoat to cast any bad experiences onto, but also a place to store and reminisce the good memories.

Often people feel better about any unfortunate incidents that may have happened to them, once sharing with a friend. Even therapists feel that the best way to overcome an issue is through sharing bad experiences. Once you can get the thoughts off your chest, you feel less emotionally tied to it, therefore become less fazed by what happened.

Review Successful Journeys

Reviewing all the ways in which your adventures have succeeded can also help put yourself in a more positive mindset, and realize your capabilities.

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Being able to see all the ways in which you’ve conquered your fears and pushed yourself can help put goals into perspective. If you can review your previous feats that once seemed impossible, it’ll motivate you to strive further and achieve your newest desires.

Share Your Progress

You can show your progress and capability, further motivating and growing confidence, as well as informing close relations.

Having a place to broadcast your travels means you can share these stories among friends and family members before your return, keeping them updated as you go. You could run a blog exclusively for the people in your life, or open it up to the public. Either way, it allows you to creatively show your adventures whilst you’re away.

Kill Time in Poor Conditions

When conditions aren’t in your favour, kill time by blogging!

If you’re stuck inside your room due to bad weather conditions, many usually feel their anxiety rise and need something to occupy them while indoors. In these circumstances, a blog may be the perfect entertainment. Of course, this could be a good opportunity to socialise with the other tourists and residents in your area, but in moments of high anxiety, writing could be a much easier option.

Join the Community!

Blogging can help you become part of a welcoming community who experience similar things.

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Writing blogs inevitably leads to meeting other writers who find themselves along similar paths as you. These bloggers often will have been through similar events to you, which can open a brilliant network for advice and reassurance. This again can help conquer anxiety, as you can see how you’re not alone in your travels. You may even be able to find travel partners online, who wish to visit the same locations as you.

My blog, Illustrative Journeys, although newly-started, has helped me overcome a lot issues I used to have when travelling solo. Personally, the ability to carry my own memoirs as I go from city to city provides me with much greater comfort than I would’ve imagined. It’s also the perfect way to kill time when I feel myself becoming overwhelmed by unfamiliar surroundings.

If you also struggle with travel anxiety, you may thoroughly benefit from writing on your journeys, as I did.

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