QUESTION: Have You Worked Odd Jobs on the Road?

By Anthony Galasso

 IMAGE:  Megan Johnston  on  Unsplash

Technology has opened the door for many travelers to enjoy life abroad while earning a living at the same time. In fact, many "digital nomads" fuel their adventurous spirit either as remote writers, entrepreneurs or even Instagram influencers.

These are not the jobs we want to hear about. We're looking for the odd ones that either got you where you were going or kept you where you wanted to be.

For me, before I left for a monthlong stay in Barcelona in 2010, I drove around my neighborhood nearly every day for two months looking for scrap metal that I can recycle in exchange for cash for the trip. My friends and family all thought I was crazy, suggesting that I was just dumpster diving. However, I made a pretty penny from my findings and used it to help fund my trip.

While I was actually in Barcelona, I met all kinds of people who were willing to sweep floors or advertise local businesses on street corners in an attempt to extend the lives of their trips.

I thought this was genius and decided I needed to know what else others have done for money to keep the adventure going.

Weird Work In the Name of Travel

Maybe you've swept floors at a "coffee shop" in Amsterdam in exchange for some green. Maybe you watched the money pour in by bartending at an authentic Irish Pub. Maybe you spent some time as a farmhand in Turkey for a little extra bacon like a friend of mine.

Or worked a super weird job that you'd like to share with the world.

Post a quick blurb about your odd job abroad in the comments below, shoot us a DM at @TakeOffSetSail or simply email us. We'll update this article along the way with the best responses from our readers.

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