WATCH: The Adventures of a Dog and His Human Teach One Incredible Life Lesson

By Anthony Galasso

The inspiration to travel can come from anywhere. Once it strikes, a wave of impulses may engulf your body, inspiring you to seize the moment and embark on a most epic journey. However, sometimes traveling is less about the journey and more about who you’re journeying with.

Felt Soul Media – with the help of supports Patagonia, Ruffwear and Snow Peak – documented the fleeting lives of two adventurers, a dog and his human, through the dog’s point of view. They called it Denali.

Denali is a dog. A good dog, from what it seems. Ben is his faithful, loving human. The two were seemingly inseparable. They traveled all over, soaking up the sun while surfing at the beach and hiking throughout the desert. They were the best of friends with nothing but true unconditional love for one another.

One particular camping trip at Joshua Tree lead to a long, hard struggle for the duo after Ben passed out. It was later that he’d be diagnosed with cancer.

“I remember feeling really sad for Ben when he found out he’d have to poop into a plastic bag attached to his stomach for the rest of his life,” Denali says in the video. “Mainly because he already had to put all of my poop in plastic bags.”



Still, the two had an incredible bond. Denali laid in bed with Ben throughout his stint at the hospital and continued to give him kisses, lapping up the chemicals seeping through Ben’s skin as he was being treated for his illness.

With support from his friends, his family – and Denali, of course – Ben successfully overcame a very tough time in his life. It seemed as though the duo could begin to live their normal lives again. However, it was soon Denali who needed Ben as the dog’s own life began to whither away. Ben continued to take Denali on trips, carrying him as they hiked or played on the beach.

“My last night was really peaceful,” Denali claims. “I wasn’t hungry anymore, so I let Ben know it was time. He let me sleep on his chest all night.”

Denali and Ben were soon no longer the duo they’d always been. But Ben’s memories will likely always be filled with the great times he spent with his beloved pup. Relationships as strong as these not only benefit the glory of travel, they also add value to our lives as a whole. So if you plan to “seize the moment,” do so with someone you truly care about, and live life to its fullest in happiness.

Toward the end of the video, Denali briefly discusses the studies of a scientist who thinks we as humans can learn a lot about love from dogs. He claims that “when someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.”

Think about that next time your loved ones walk through the door.

Check out Denali below. We hope it inspires you to go on adventure, hike a new trail or even check out a new coffee shop with someone you care about, just as Denali and Ben did.

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