WATCH: One Couple’s Motorcycle Joyride Through Southeast Asia

By Anthony Galasso



Dylan and Natalie started dating in June 2014. A month later they decided to go on a three-month trip through Southeast Asia. While on their trip…they bought a bike.

“Natalie and I with much thought — about 2 min of talking outside the guy’s house — decided to buy a 1990 Honda Dream 100cc for a total of $280,” Dylan writes on their website. “We [were] planning on riding this little red monster all the way from Hoi An, Vietnam to as close to Singapore as we [could] get before it dies or before we do.”

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Although the two were in Southeast Asia for three months, they only rode the bike for one of them. However, they spent that entire month embarking on an epic journey through rain, sunshine and miles of jungle…of which they captured everything on video.

According to the video’s description, they gave the bike to a guy selling coconuts on the side of the road in Cambodia when they were finished.

Check out their trip below, and read more from their travels at There’s some really great experiences in there. They even discuss how easily affordable their trip was, claiming that “75 cents gets you a full meal, $2.00 gets you 10 cups of beer, and for $14.00 you can get a really nice hotel room.”

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