TIME TRAVEL: Vintage Photos of San Francisco by Fred Lyon

By Anthony Galasso

 IMAGE: Fred Lyons

IMAGE: Fred Lyons

Even half a century ago, with its distinct landmarks and budding cultural values, San Francisco was a wildly photogenic city.

Ninety-year-old photographer, Fred Lyon recently released his book, San Francisco: Portrait of a City 1940-1960. In it, Lyon chronicles how people lived their lives in the City by the Bay.

From laborer’s working atop the Golden Gate bridge to children rolling down San Francisco’s famously steep streets, the sites are truly amazing. But what really grabbed my attention was how real people appear in these photos. It’s almost as if the viewer can reach out, touch and become apart of their story…traveling back in time to experience a truly golden age in American history.

Check out just a small selection of these timelessly vintage photos of San Francisco below, and if you’re interested, buy the book here.


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